Plant Selfie for Urban Jungle Bloggers

Plant Selfie for Urban Jungle Bloggers

Plant Selfie for Urban Jungle Bloggers

The Housplant Guru

The Houseplant Guru

This month for Urban Jungle Bloggers we were asked to take a plant selfie. This isn’t exactly a “selfie” but was taken by my good friend Brenda Haas. I do NOT like my picture taken, but she has really helped me get better about smiling for the camera. Thanks Bren! It is easy to smile around my plants and good friends because they make me happy!

In this picture I am standing next to my ponytail palm (Beaucarnea recurvata). It was purchased at the Mt. Pleasant Michigan Kmart, to take to college. It was in a 2″ pot and has come a long way since then. Pictured here on a plant stand, it is 4+ feet tall 32 years later. It is one of my favorite plants and I treasure it.

Smile everyone! Plants make you happy!

5 Responses to "Plant Selfie for Urban Jungle Bloggers"

  • I am the same way, you look beautiful!
    Wow a 32 year old ponytail palm, I can understand it being your favorite:)
    Beautifully growing up together:)
    Thanks for sharing!

  • I love our selfies Lisa!!!! I had so much fun that day the photo was snapped next to the ponytail palm. I loved see the 1,000’s of houseplants you have so tastefully growing in your home. Thank you for sharing!

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